Tree Pruning

  • General Maintenance – Removal of dead, diseased, declining limbs
  • Crown Thinning – Allow light penetration, reducing wind loads
  • Crown Reduction – Reducing canopy size

Tree Removal

Tree Risk Assessment

Arborist Reports

  • For Construction Projects
  • Permit to Remove/Permit to Injure

Tree Preservation

  • Construction Site Tree Protection Zones
  • Installation of Support Systems for Over-Mature/Heritage, Structurally Weak Trees

About Trade Winds

Founded in 2002 with the mission of providing superlative tree care to the Toronto community. Trade Winds focuses on tree care emphasizing tree preservation, personal safety property protection and arboriculture education.

Trade Winds carries 2M in liability insurance. All employees are covered by WSIB. All journeyman arborists on staff are ISA certified.

Don Gauthier, ISA Certified Arborist ON-500A has close to 20 years in the arboriculture field within the GTA. A graduate of Humber College, Class of 1994, Don has worked on both small yard and large commercial properties. In the off-season, Don satisfies his love of education through teaching at Humber College where he teaches Arboriculture Theory and Practise.

Don Gauthier, ISA Certified, ON-500A

Contact: 416.922.8883


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